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Canyoning in Vallecamonica


Torrentismo valle camonicaBorn in France in the 80 canyoning is an adventurous sport that combines 3 specialty mountaineering , caving and diving.

Canyoning is to descend streams , gorges or canyons with mountaineering equipment (harness , helmet, belay ) and wetsuit , if there is water flow .

During the descent, the jumps and the gradients that are encountered can be overcome in several ways: disarrampicando , descending with rope, natural toboggan sliding , jumping , jumps of various heights if the pool or the lake is deep enough to arrival . The jumps are never mandatory , you can always opt for the abseil .

It is not necessary to know the various maneuvers and techniques, will help you make the steps the guide, the only thing you need to do is know how to swim!

In Italy, the only persons authorized to accompany these people are descended the mountain guides specialized in canyoning .

There are many canyons and equipped with different difficulty levels . We arrange tours from April to October , depending on the altitude and exposure.

Normally, the groups must be at least 4 and at most 8 participants per guide. The tour lasts an average of 5 hours including time for travel with your car .

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If you do not find availability online, call us at 0364.531403 or write to: