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The city of Darfo Boario Terme

Welcome to Darfo Boario Terme the city of 11 fractions

In addition to the medieval villages of Erbanno and Gorzone with its castle and the countless historical / artistic, the city offers many items for a holiday of culture, relaxation and fun. Here are some ideas.

What to see in Vallecamonica and its surroundings

The Big Bench

Very close to the Hotel you can visti in the Monticolo Park the Big Bench a Landing art of Chris Bangle


The Terme of Boario

SPA delle Terme di BoarioThe Boario Terme Spa Park Resort are a place of regeneration for the body and spirit : a dimension in which the many facets of water, a vital element , allow us to gain balance and well-being in a beneficial process of regeneration . Here, the thermal waters gush from the ground after touching the rocks of Monte Altissimo in a long journey for 15 years , in which time they have gradually purified and enriched with minerals and elements essential to the human body . There are four natural springs , which are characterized by different concentrations of minerals , called Antica Fonte , Hygeia, Fausta and Silia and all contained in the large park of Terme di Boarium.
Spas offer the ideal answers to those wishing to improve their health and quality of life in a natural way : learning to relax tension, tone and detoxify the body , enjoying the essential detach from the pace of modern life to grasp the banner of ” stay and return to form ” , in harmony with the landscape from nature but very soothing energy . And, in the green oasis of the enchanting Spa Park, relaxation and nature but also outdoor performances , parties and shopping opportunities to meet and have fun at any age. The Pavilion is a source of ancient domed portico , built in the early twentieth century and an example of Art Nouveau architecture, the architect Amerigo Marazzi . Since the beginning of the century spa activities have been the main tourist attraction around which the life of the town. The activities and spa treatments are feasible and in the park , in the adjacent Violati Care Center , as well as in the health club and spa all within walking distance from the hotel.
The pride of the thermal system is the new SPA & Wellness, Recreation area with swimming pools (one with thermal water, a whirlpool partially open space of the park ), sauna , turkish bath, salt room , massage Kneipp paths , emotional showers and tropical . Through a natural and alternative approach , a highly qualified staff ensures a relaxing massage therapies and traditional service , with expertise as well as advising and closely follow the guests in their paths regeneration.

* All our guests can take advantage of our convention to access the SPA with a discount of 10 %
* All our guests can take advantage of our convention to use the evenings with orchestra at the Spa Park of Boarium always just 5,00 Euro
* All our guests can take advantage of our convention to gain access to the Spa Park of Boarium with subscriptions afternoon of 3 afternoons (10.00 euro) or 7 afternoons ( 20.00 Euro )

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The Boario Park Adventure

2 adventure park terme di boario
Inside the park the ancient Terme di Boarium one large space for families with inflatables and games for the little ones and the adventure at hand for the older siblings.
Your children will be able to cross a rope bridge, climbing a rope ladder, walk in balance on the brackets between two mobile plants overcoming the natural fear of emptiness in a healthy exercise control of their emotions and gestures. The Adventure Park also will experience the pleasure of speed sull’emozionante ALPINE COASTER , the slide on the monorail which is’ crazy young and old! You will also find “ ACROJUMP”, “ POWERFAN” and “MATS RUBBER BANDS.”

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The water park Aqua Planet

Aqua Planet Darfo Boario TermeJust one kilometer from the Hotel Diana accessible from the new bridge opened in 2013, the water park Aqua Planet offers fun, entertainment and activities with the water thanks to its 11 pools (including 2 indoor) of different sizes equipped with games and slides . Also equipped with a dance floor, solarium, green area for picnics with tables and chairs, parasols and gazebos, bar restaurant and pizzeria, soccer field and beach volleyball courts, 2 mini beach volleyball courts, a skating rink and area games for children, the hotel offers all the best of fun for the summer season.

Do not forget the convention for our guests that will allow you to spend the entire day paying reduced admission (Adults 7,00 Euro, 5,00 Euro for children aged 3-11, 0/2 years free) .

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The Archeopark

2 archeopark Boario Terme
The Archeopark is a large archaeological park in interactive environments which have been reconstructed and villages in recent prehistory. The buildings, constructed on a scientific basis, allow you to switch from a cave-shrine at a camp Mesolithic period (10,000 years ago) from the Neolithic (6000 years ago) to an extended dweller (an example of a time span ranging from the Neolithic end to the middle Bronze Age), from a fortified Castelliere (1000 BC) to the Iron Age village. Archeopark is not just a park to visit, but to live, in fact participating laboratories of experimental archeology, interacting with things, furnishings, guided by experts, animators on a wonderful journey back in time.

For all our customers a discount on the entrance .

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The Archaeological Park of Luine, UNESCO

Parco-delle-Incisioni-di-LuineThe Luine Park , UNESCO World Heritage Site , is located on a hill above Boarium, bounded by rivers Oglio and Dezzo . Quaternary era , after the melting of ice , the area begins to be covered with alpine flora and sees the passage of groups of nomadic hunters who , in the tenth century BC, leaving the first petroglyphs on the rocks . The hill is then abandoned for a long time, to be rediscovered during the Neolithic period , as evidenced by the recovery of the rock carvings . In the Park , established in the ’70s, are proposed three different routes through which you will discover the numerous engravings with scenes of hunting, war , and religious aspects of daily life of the ancient inhabitants of the Valley. Despite the presence of all periods istoriativi has a high prevalence of depictions of the Bronze Age : the wealth of engravings , themes, compositions has no comparison with other sites. The park has metamorphic rocks of They reward ( “Stone Simona ,” as it is called locally ) , engravings of the period known as ” Protocamuno ” ( 8000-10000 BC), which are among the oldest existing Vallecamonica , representations of animals style subnaturalistico . And yet , engravings II and III camuno period (2,000 BC) from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age , carvings of axes – hammer, battle-axes , polished stone axes , daggers triangular blade . Overall, the park offers more than 100 engraved rocks with over 10,000 shapes that are easy to read only on the rocks properly treated . A visit to the park is also an opportunity to admire the city from the top of a hill that offers a nice overview of the underlying alluvial plain of the Oglio .

Admission is free.

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The Monticolo Park and Bike Trail Valcamonica / Lake Iseo

Ciclabile della valle camonica
Hill overlooking the town of Boario Terme, Montiggl is a bird habitat of the highest importance. At its summit observatory which moreover will allow you to dominate the entire lower Vallecamonica from Lake Iseo in Cividate Camuno. From the top you can see too much of the Bike Trail Vallecamonica which has as its point of origin the village of Lake Iseo and Fleece arrival as Capo di Ponte. With our bikes you can fully enjoy this opportunity.

The Moro Lake

The Moro Lake, for the residents of Boarium “Cò de Lac”, is a paradise where nature tries to communicate the importance of harmony. Easily accessible by all means but mostly on foot via a well-marked trail. You should not miss a dip in its waters and a horseback riding easily organized from the reception of the hotel.